Feidt Design LLC

Electronic Communications & Development Consulting

I develop and maintain websites, and generate communications strategies for groups & individuals, from small sites to news sites and social networks.

With years of experience as a front-end developer and systems administrator, I also provide consulting for digital project development, emergency troubleshooting of dynamic websites, Apple computers, and Drupal server maintenance and scalability.


This popular social publishing platform can handle community blogs & so much more. Build a site from scratch, conversions, maintenance & tweaks. It's open source & versatile!

Services/Theme development

Transforming graphic designs into dynamic websites. PHP, SASS & LESS dynamic stylesheets, appropriate HTML5 based, responsive & mobile design for your audiences


Need help with Mac OS X, Drupal, WordPress, Google services like Analytics and AdWords?

Services/Social media

Get your business or nonprofit linked up with your MyTubes and YouBooks!


Experienced editor, researcher & interviewer, expert in Final Cut Pro & Apple Motion.


Training, SEO and theme development services available.

Services/Apple troubleshooting & training

Fixing snags and getting more from your Mac. Troubleshooting & training for all uses.

Services/Graphic design & page layout

Experienced with Adobe Photoshop / Illustrator / InDesign / DreamWeaver, &etc.

Services/E-Commerce & Currencies

Experienced in E-Commerce site design with options for almost any geographical region & payment gateways - Consulting for small business or nonprofits looking to accept Bitcoin or work with other alternative currencies

CONTACT: Dan Feidt - info@feidtdesign.com

PH: 651-338-7661 (SMS welcome!)

Proudly located in Boston, Massachusetts USA

I support the use & community support of open-source & free software, and open culture such as Creative Commons media whenever possible.